The Mystery of Grimly Manor

by Donna Wren Carson


Eleven-year-old girl Leira MacGregor is desperate to find someone brave enough to help her solve the mystery of Grimly Manor. The spooky manor, which was built long ago, has an ancient cemetery behind it. Now, it is wrapped with mystifying riddles that this young girl will attempt to unravel.

The Mystery of Grimly Manor will take you to the creepy corners of the mysterious Grimly Manor. According to whisperings, there is a scary old man who lives there, but no one has seen him except on Halloween. Candles flicker in the night, and on holidays, decorations appear around the manor like magic. Families in the neighborhood try and ignore these strange happenings. Over the years, children have only been able to conquer their fear on Halloween by knocking on the decaying door. When the door was opened, they were ‘greeted’ by someone in a frightful mask and costume with vicious growling in the background.

Now, it’s up to Leira to find someone brave enough to help solve the mystery. Little does she imagine what adventures lay in her path!


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